About Katarina Hornsjö

Painting is for me a celebration to the flow of life; the flow that’s continuously dancing through us. With curiosity I watch the fluid pigments blend and dance together into nature-like patterns, shapes, fractals and color-landscapes. It is my way into meditation and a way to connect with that gap – the stillness between the thoughts; the emptiness between inhale and exhale; the silence beyond the sounds. It’s a total surrender to the NOW in every heartbeat.

It’s a dedication to the process, letting go of the outcome and following the paint rather than forcing the shapes and the result. It takes me back to that happy child inside that’s just playing around with colors and curiously following new ideas as they pop up. This is the magic place where creativity is ignited; this is the origin of all poems; this is the place that makes me return to the canvas every day. Nothing else is needed.

From a different perspective, my art conveys energy and motion onto canvas as a blueprint of the moment, portraying all the emotions and senses that flows through me at the time. The level of abstraction invites the viewer to reflect their own universe into the artwork – one might discover nature landscapes; the world as seen from above; or the cellular patterns of a green moss carpet – another might connect with the art in meditation and travel to outer space or into the realms of their soul.

With my art, I wish to inspire that we all have access to this magic source of creation when we let go of the mind and just relax into the happy play of “doing”. Whatever it is that you love to do, I wish to remind you of this spirited state of being, just as we played when we were kids – for the pure fun of it. It’s an invitation back to your true nature and most of all to the numinous space in between.

Katarina Hornsjö is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, but is a travelling soul that loves to inhale the different flavors of the world. She often returns to her home in the north – Hornsjön, Jämtland for inspiration and painting in the wild nature among forests, lakes and mountains landscapes. In addition to her own painting practice she’s also holding art workshops and private painting sessions; to help people connect with their creativity. She is currently represented by gallery Nordic Art Wall. For commissions and other inquiries, please send an email to: